Display Ideas

Schools & Institutions

  • Dual Sided Air Screen
    • Two sided grab & go for packaged foods
    • Serve twice as many students at one time
    • Queue students to a single POS station
    • Completely plug & play self-contained refrigeration
    • Optional roll down security cover is available

    Model Shown: FSC463R

  • Drop-In Counter Air Screens


    • Integrate grab & go directly into the counter
    • Easy access to food as students pass by
    • Rear loading doors offer quick refills
    • Two model heights available
    Model Shown: DOS4837R
  • School Serving Line – Got Milk?
    • Incorporate the milk crate into a CO series grab & go display to simplify and expedite loading
    • Offer students a variety of fresh food items along with the milk on the shelves above
    • No modifications necessary to standard CO models to accommodate the milk crates
    • Easily adjust or remove shelving to accommodate milk crates placed on deck.

    Model Shown: CO45R

  • Integrating Refrigerated Display into Serving Lines
    • Slide a floor model grab & go into a cutout in the counter to integrate refrigerated display into the serving line
    • Make sure unit is on casters and can slide back for maintenance/service access to the refrigeration system
    • Grab & go floor models are available in a variety of heights and lengths

    Model Shown: CO47R

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C-Stores, Airports & Kiosks

  • Built-In Look
    • Tuck a grab & go Box into the wall front to optimize space and blend with the store’s décor
    • Box models are available in 24” & 32” depths and offer zero clearance refrigeration ventilation. Perfect for alcoves.
    • Adjustable/removable shelves provide flexibility to accommodate a variety of package sizes. A shelf has been removed from this case to accommodate gallons of milk. Standard models include four shelves.

    Model Shown: B42

  • Grab & Go Island Unit
    • Expedite customer selections and traffic flow
    • Many customers can shop this display along all four sides
    • Low profile height keeps sight lines open across the store
    • We offer other Island configurations and sizes sure to fit your needs

    Model Shown: FSI863R

  • Grab & Go End Caps
    • End cap perfect for aisle ends or adjacent to condiment counter.
    • Low profile height keeps sight lines open across the store
    • Quick and easy access to foods stimulates impulse to buy
    • Peninsula or Half-Round model styles to select from

    Model Shown: FSE45R

  • Open Front Grab & Go
    • Remove front doors and increase sales by 50% or more
    • Food is more accessible and perceived as fresher when not behind a door
    • Available with rear loading doors
    • Consider positioning in a “buck” opening of a walk-in cooler for filling cooled product from the cooler.
    • Available in a variety of heights and lengths

    Model Shown: C057R

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Restaurants & Cafes

  • Combination Cases
    • Combine service and self-service in a single display to optimize space
    • Upper display offers convertible feature to convert each side from refrigerated to nonrefrigerated at any time. Lower display always refrigerated.
    • Change food items throughout the day to support different menus—breakfast, lunch & dinner
    • Available in a variety of lengths and two depths

    Model Shown: HOU5652R

  • Match Your Décor
    • Use real wood and other unique finishes to turn the food display into a beautiful piece of furniture
    • Blends with the décor and makes the fresh food items stand out to stimulate impulse sales

    Model Shown: HV56R

  • Fresh Made Applications
    • Place Box grab & go models behind the prep counter and offer “make to order” salads, juices, smoothies and more.
    • Narrow 24”D is perfect for limited space behind the counter. New 32”D model also available.
    • Zero clearance ventilation allows grab & go to be positioned tight to wall.
    • Box models are certified for use of unpackaged foods in bins.

    Model Shown: B62

  • Narrow Depth Models
    • Consider using 2’ versions of refrigerated service, non-refrigerated service and refrigerated selfservice models side by side to create a unique combination display.
    • Offer customers a variety of foods in a condensed footprint
    • Narrow depth to fit through standard doorways
    • Models available in various lengths

    Model Shown: Harmony Models

  • Counter Grab & Go’s with a Built-In Look
    • Incorporate grab & go right in the counter to improve customer convenience and traffic flow
    • Built-in grab & go models allow counter space to be retained for customer interaction, food pass over or POS equipment
    • Available in 3’,4’,5’ & 6’ lengths and two heights

    Model Shown: CO63R-UC

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Effective Merchandising Tips

  • What you see, smell and hear directly affects what you will decide to buy.
  • FACT: 60% of food quality perception is based on the environment.

Helpful tips proven to capture your customer’s attention:

  • A black interior makes your case disappear and your fresh, colorful products “pop”.
  • Create a colorful border around your fresh products using larger platters.
  • See the freshness! Tiered glass shelving allows maximum visibility on every level.
  • Adjust shelves to accommodate a variety of merchandise and to add visual interest.
  • Mirrored ends and reflective rear doors help the display appear fresh and full.
  • Combine single serving foods onto a large platter to create a fresh image.
  • Create a theme by adding props, greenery, colorful fabrics or bottles of wine. Be creative!

Remember, it’s all about stimulating the desire to purchase. Make your displays attractive and enticing using shapes, colors, textures, props and creativity.