Standard Features

Structural Concepts' Quick Ship display cases are available to ship within 10 business days based on the standard specifications listed and the availability of color sensitive exterior materials. Commitments will be made on a first-come first-serve basis and inventory may be limited while stock is being replenished. Contact Structural Concepts’ Customer Service department for additional information on specific model availability.

  • Quick Ship case features:
  • Black interior
  • Black trim
  • Breeze w/ EnergyWise Refrigeration System
  • Clear glass lighted shelf (upper section)
  • Curved double pane lift-up front glass (upper section)
  • Solid lower back panel
  • Clear glass rear sliding doors (HMBC3-QS - HMBC6-QS)
  • One rear LH hinge swinging door (HMBC2-QS)
  • Laminated flat front panel
  • Two cutaway end panels with mirror interior (lower section)
  • Quick Ship customer selections:
    • Exterior laminate color

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