About Us

Established in 1972, Structural Concepts is a leading innovator of temperature-controlled food display cases for foodservice operators. At our core is our unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration. We are a refrigeration engineering company who also designs and engineers beautiful display cabinets. Our pioneering, award-winning technology sets the standard for unmatched ease of operation, longer life, and stronger performance, providing operators with dramatically increased sales and reduced operating expenses. We are non-union corporation headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan.

Our innovative engineering and dedication to industry-leading research and development results in one-of-a-kind technologies that you'll only find in our display cases...


Breeze™ Slide-Out Refrigeration System

The first true slide-out refrigeration system, thanks to flexible synthetic hosing instead of copper tubing that can kink or break. Components can be easily reached for cleaning or adjustment, making maintenance faster and reducing downtime.

Breeze-E™ Slide-Out Refrigeration System

The same great Breeze slide-out system only enhanced for higher ambient operating conditions. All refrigerated display cases must meet NSF's standard for Type I conditions (75° F., 55% humidity). Structural Concepts' models with the Breeze-E refrigeration system, exceed these standards. They are designed to operate in NSF Type II conditions - 80° F./60% humidity.


Designed to exceed the Department of Energy's standards for daily energy consumption, the EnergyWise design is standard in all Breeze and Breeze-E refrigeration systems. EnergyWise reduces energy consumption by more than 50%. The new technology offers the benefits of reduced operating costs and environmentally friendly operation and is a result of Structural Concepts' continual dedication to research and development.

Clean Sweep™ Automatic Coil Cleaner

In refrigerated display cases, as with any refrigeration system, a dirty, clogged condenser coil restricts airflow and makes the system work harder and consume more electricity to maintain its temperature. Clean Sweep automatically cleans dust and debris from the condenser coil daily, maximizing airflow.


We're More Than Just A Pretty Case!